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We started this show with the MD-20, a 20rd Drum Magazine for the Saiga-12 shotgun.  When no one else would manufacture one we stepped up and did it ourselves.  Not only did we do it but we surpassed all expectations with a super reliable and durable design.  No corners were cut and those that own them have repeatedly testified to their reliability and quality. 
Later came achieving what the majority claimed as impossible with our US Patent # 8,448,364  on a double stack box magazine for rimmed cartridges of varying length.  Though many had tried and failed before us we achieved this feat in only 17 days and with the utmost in reliability and simplicity!  Such a testament to our abilities.  This patent is in it’s infancy of redefining what we think of and expect from a tactical or defensive shotgun.  There is no going back and the market will never be the same again.  We are so proud and highly honored to have started this revolution as this advancing leap will be remembered and discussed in shotgun evolution for centuries to come.
New and highly innovative designs will continue to come from MD Arms and as long as it is in my control you can rest assured that any product we manufacture will be the pinnacle of reliability and quality.  We will never compromise that for the sake of a profit margin.  It was passion and a desire for something more that gave rise to MD Arms.  Those insatiable thirsts will never be quenched...
Michael J. Davidson
MD Arms, Ltd

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